About Us

A Kookee a day keeps the love coming your way.

Gracie and Isabella von Kriegenbergh, a mother-daughter team, created The Kookee Batch out of the warmth and love of their passion for baking. A former fashion designer and mother of four children, Gracie found joy in the kitchen with her youngest daughter, Isabella, baking cookies not only for the holidays but year round. As they mastered new recipes and indulged in the ooey-gooey-goodness of cookies, one thing was clear. This was something to be shared! A holistic treasure trove of delectable delights, The Kookee Batch is set on wholesome ingredients and values cookies made for everyone. For the chocolate lover, for the nut lover, for the oat lover. Every yummy bite is made with pure quality ingredients. The Kookee Batch makes not only classic recipes but recipes inclusive to vegans and those free of gluten. Made by the hands of those who care; for every spoon of sugar is an extra spoon of love!